Furrever Home Ready

Our fosters lovingly prepare our special kitties for their forever home. All Saving Grace Rescue cats are up to date vaccinations and spayed / neutered.


Sesame (f)

Sesame was originally taken in by Saving Grace Rescue in a litter of three bottle babies that all had some degree of eye damage.

Sesame was adopted then she got outside as an adult and was lost for several months in the Santa Cruz hills. In July 2017, animal control found her close to death. Her scanned chip linked her back to us. Her original adopter could no longer keep her.

She is friendly, talkative, and very affectionate. She gets along with other cats but is wary of dogs, as she can be kind of jumpy due to her blindness. She would do best in a quiet home.

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Pixel (m) + Ivan (m)

Peg Leg Pixel and one eyed pirate Ivan are ready for a loving home! Pixel has Radial Hypoplasia causing shortening of front leg. No special care required. Ivan has one eye. Good with other cats.

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Fig (f) + Donut (m)

Donut has the cutest head tilt and limited vision. Fig has one damaged eye and is the sweetest ginger permakitten. She is a tiny ball of love.

Both live normal kitten lives and do not require special accommodations. These two have been waiting for 8 months 🐾 loving and playful, they make any home brighter. Good with other cats.

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disco (f)

She is a CH kitty with the best head wobble!

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Issa (f)

All she wants to do is find her person to nibble on. Can that person be you? Issa arrived in the shelter system as a young, blind kitten and greeted everyone with purrs and outgoing affection. Her eyes have healed and she has moderate vision. Issa gets around the house normally. She is good with other cats and dogs.

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June Bug (f)

June Bug has mild tremors and a bouncy walk from Cerebellar Hypoplasia. She is a normal young kitten in all other ways. Very social and affectionate with boundless kitten energy. She loves to be held and cuddled! She is good with other cats and dogs.

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