Do you have a little extra space in your home, a bit of free time, and some love to share?

The more foster homes we have, the more kitties we can help save! Read more about Fostering Kittens on Maddie’s Fund.


As a foster parent, you will be responsible for feeding, cleaning, socializing, and giving your kitties lots of love. In some cases, you may need to bottle feed, give medications or take trips to the veterinarian.

Clean their litter box daily

Cleaning the litter box each day at a minimum will help with the mess. Kittens are just learning how to use their litter boxes, so sometimes they miss, step in their waste, or kick litter everywhere. Cleaning daily will help to keep the mess under control. Learn more about litter and boxes on the Humane Society.

Create the right environment

For kittens, a laundry room, bathroom, or extra bedroom is ideal. Try to pick a room with flooring that won’t be damaged by a spilled water bowl (they like to play in their water) or litter box misses.

Provide them with toys

Distract kittens from making messes out of the wrong things by providing them with the right toys. Scratching posts, balls, toys, boxes, and interactive toys are a big necessity with curious babies running around. Plus, it’ll keep their energy focused on a toy that’s meant for them. Play is an essential part of growing up and getting their abundant energy focused on the right items and will set them up for success in their forever family homes.


Saving Grace Rescue will supply all medicine and veterinary care for the animal you foster. When funds allow we can also help provide some supplies.

socializing with other pets

Segregating the cats in their own room is a necessity for smoother transition and making sure kitty is healthy before introduction. It is important that new kitties be quarantined for 1-2 weeks.

saying goodbye

The goal of fostering kittens is to save lives and be able to say “goodbye!”. Remember, you have given them a great start on life. Thanks to you, they will have a loving, permanent home with some very lucky adopters. These special kitties would not have had a chance of life and love without you.

Photography by    Furrtographer, Josh Norem
Our hearts will break just a little so that theirs never have to break again.
Photography by    Furrtographer, Josh Norem